Sudoscan Testing

Sudoscan Testing: a 5 minute non invasive autonomic nerve test for neuropathy patients​ of all types expecially our Diabetic patients​. The device transmits a small amount electricity through the skin ​activating​ sweat glands. The sensors in the device measure the sweat gland response and determine the activity levels of the small nerve ​peripheral ​autonomic system. This is ​very useful in providing an unbiased evaluation of the stage of a patient's diabetic neuropathy or other type of neuropathy. 

Results can be used to track the effectiveness of improved blood glucose control and to determine the level of monitoring needed to lower the risk of wounds, infections and amputations.  Yearly testing can also be used to track the effectiveness of medications such as Metanx and Nerve Reverse on nerve health and function.

Our goal is ZERO amputations with our neuropathic patients and Sudoscan has become and important tool toward that goal.