Patient Feedback

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The staff and physicians at the Salt Lake Podiatry Center are always striving to make your experience at our clinic more beneficial,  educational and professional.  If you have any feedback for our clinic, we welcome it.  Thank you!

"I had surgery on my ankle in June (by Dr Dan Preece), and the difference is amazing. I went 15 years with it constantly aching (sitting, standing, lying down, didn't matter it always hurt), being prone to sprains, and limiting my ability to walk for any length of time. Now I only get a bit of a twinge after really pushing it and it's still improving!"


"Dr. Groberg provided me with my custom orthodics that have been very helpful as well as performing success surgery on my ruptured achilles tendon. He has my recommendation."


"Dr. Preece = wonderful. He spends time with you. Never rushes you, answers all your questions, clearly, and doesn't mince words. I would recommend him to anyone. His office staff is wonderful, the building nice and cheery. He was my last hope to get back to skiing, hiking and backpacking."



"I went dancing this week, the first time I was able to do so without pain in many years.  Thank you!"


"Thank you for you customer service and wonderful care, I feel like a new person, you truly help me feel like I have my life back. my feet haven't felt this pain free in months."

- Connie

Saw Dr. Groberg this morning...I would recommend him to anyone!


Dr Preece rocks!!!!! Due to circumstances that happened with my father it took a lot for me to trust any doctor...but after being treated by Dr Preece I would trust him with my feet any day of the week an twice on Sunday!!!!

- Mike

I just wanted to say that my experience there at the Salt Lake Podiatry Center was wonderful! My lobby wait time was short, waiting for Dr. Preece was short, both Dr. Preece and his assistant (Mindy I think her name was) were very nice, and the time in between Dr. Preece and Mindy helping me was not very long what-so-ever. It was quick on a tight schedule and I was in and out of there. I appreciate the quick action they took to respond to their patient (me) and I appreciate the friendly atmosphere. I will recommend this office if anybody I know needs a DPM (Dr of Podiatric Medicine).


"As a foot and ankle surgeon in Southeast Idaho and one who knows Dr. Dan Preece and Dr. Darren Groberg well, I whole-heartedly endorse this clinic as the place to go for friendly and effective treatment for foot and ankle pain in Salt Lake City."

-Dr. J.R. Cutler

"I went to Dr. Groberg for my foot problem, and he put me in orthotics. The orthotics not only relieved my foot problem but also relieved my very sore back!!  Great Doctor."


"Dr. Dan, thanks for being so great with Grandpa today. You are awesome!!"


"Dr. Groberg has treated my wife for some very serious ankle and foot problems from his internship to now. His knowledge and bed side manor can't be beat. If you have a problem definately contact him!"


"Today, I went back to Dr. Dan, the foot man, (Dan Preece) for my check up from my surgery last week. I got to see my scar. What a nice clean job he did on my foot! It's doing well and I still have another week in the "boot", but I am excited. To know that I will no longer have that bunion bothering me. WOW!"


"Loved and appreciated the wonderful kind care my 81 year old dad and his 87 year old wife received last Monday from Dr. Groberg !!!!! Thank You!"


"Very thorough and professional.  Dr. Preece is caring and listens to my concerns with real intent. I'd recommend anyone for clinical or surgical treatment by Dr. Preece or his partner Dr. Groberg.  The staff at the Salt Lake Podiatry Center is very helpful and friendly and have helped me with all my questions and concerns. "


How was your experience interacting with the staff of the Salt Lake Podiatry Center?

"Great! I have always liked being helped in a timely manner; I've never had to wait more than a few minutes to be seen by the podiatrist.  I've always been treated very nicely by the staff and the doctors at the Salt Lake Podiatry Center.  I would recommend Dr. Preece and his staff to other patients.  I was taken care of in a very professional and informative manner. Everything went very smoothly.  I felt very comfortable asking any questions.  I was told what to expect and when to follow up."

-Jeane, age 47  (Recent Hammertoe Correction Surgery, Performed by Dr. Preece)

I have already and would still recommend other patients to Dr. Preece.  He is very patient, has good listening skills and is very pleasant and thorough.  All the nurses & front desk ladies were above average friendly & very welcoming in his office as well.

-Brenda, age 41 (Recent bunion corrective surgery, both feet, Performed by Dr. Preece)

Dr. Preece has a great bedside manner and I would recommend his services.  

-Cheri, age 51 (Recent bunion surgery, by Dr Dan Preece)

I was impressed with the quality of professional services at the Podiatry Center, and Dr Preece was very friendly and understanding.

-Janet, age 71 (Hardware removal surgery, by Dr Dan Preece)